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Welcome to it Takes a Village or ita-V as we affectionately like to call it.

ita-V is a community focused organisation with a social purpose. A purpose to make positive change in the way we age and to the quality of support and care we receive as and when we need it.

Our goal is to share our profits with our Community, the people of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, so that you will have access to free and quality information relevant to you, your lifestyle and your life circumstances. We want you to know what national, state and local information and resources you have available to you.

Hi my name is Shelly.

I am an occupational therapist with over 10 years’ experience meeting with older adults within their homes to listen to and assist with their issues and difficulties. In most cases the essence of my role is to assist older adults to retain or regain independent living.

By maximising a person’s strengths and skills (combined with the “just right” level of assistance), a person is able to do what they want or need to do to live the lifestyle they choose.

Much of my work with older adults is to listen to their personal story, identify their main issues or difficulties, identify ways I can help and provide recommendations for them to consider. Hence; a core part of my role is to listen, observe, inform, educate, assist, adapt, enable and connect them to the people, services and business’ that can help them the most.

One of the roles of an Occupational Therapist to provide clients with information and resources that will benefit them now and in the future.

It occurred to me one day that it was a shame I could only assist those people who were referred via our hospital and health systems. Mainly because referrals for occupational therapy are usually only received one a person had already incurred an injury, illness or mishap.

In some cases, referrals were received too late to enable a client to remain living safely in their home and this would both distress them, their families and me. Not to mention madden and frustrate me that premature residential care could have been avoided, if only they had access to the information and support they needed to prevent it.

It was at this exact time that it takes a Village changed from a thought to a possibility. It was at this point that I said:

what if I could provide one place where our older community could access the information, resources, goods and services needed to provide them peace of mind from retirement to end of life;

what if I could find a way to make this information free so that all our aged have equal access to a resource that promotes wellbeing and independence.”

 what if I could enable and support the businesses, services and organisations within our community, who share the same values and vision as ita-V, to connect directly to the people who need and rely on them for information, resources, support, goods and services”.

And lastly,

what if I could make this website sustainable, and create a “charity arm” to protect our frail aged” to ensure that the wellbeing of our aged is not solely reliant on government funding and resources that change each financial year.

Well, ‘What if?’, went from ‘Why not?’, to ‘Let’s do it!’, to ‘Jumping in boots and all’, to the present day of gratitude because it is done!

Starting from today, ita-V is your first place to come to be informed, supported and connected to those who can best help you.

Always remember, if you can’t find the information you are looking for contact us and, if it exists, we will find it for you and if it doesn’t we will advocate for you.

Thank you for your time

Send me a post and let me know what you think of “your” new community website.

Best Wishes



  • A 65+ person is the same person they have always been; an individual with different life experiences, lifestyle expectation, likes, wants, needs and perceptions of wellbeing – ageing is not a “one size fits all”.
  • Throughout the years, the person you are doesn’t change, but as you age your needs might
  • To have ongoing wellbeing you first need access to the information, resources, supports, goods and services that enable personal choice and informed decision making
  • There is a wide gap between turning 65 and being Frail Aged
  • Some of the best information comes from word of mouth (but finding the mouth is not always easy!)
  • There is a wealth of information and resources out there; locally and state wide, which is hard to find and therefore not helpful
  • Information enabling health and long term wellbeing should be free to consumers and easy to find

Globally there appears to be a fear of the impact of an ageing population. Ita-V does not support this fear and bias!

Instead we say;

  • Let’s embrace and be grateful for longevity
  • Let’s value what our aged have to offer
  • Let’s be proactive so that the information, resources, goods and services needed for longevity and wellbeing can be accessed in a meaningful and sustainable way

So what are you waiting for – take a peek at all we have to offer you. Remember, ita-V was created for you, so contact us, let us know what you want and need to live well and independently.

it takes a Village (ita-V) is passionate about enabling our older persons to retain:

  • Dignity
  • Autonomy
  • Wellbeing
  • Contentment and
  • Connectedness to their community

from retirement through to their twilight years.

Our aim is to:

Prevent the preventable

(distress, anxiety, missed opportunities, regrettable decisions, chronic and complex health conditions and needless suffering due to lack of information)

Enable individual and maximum capacity

(autonomy, independence, wellbeing, self-achievement, social interaction, community participation, individuality, and connectedness)

Support all involved while doing so

(advocate, respect, listen, respond, empathise, encourage, reassure, celebrate, comfort, inform and access)

Our aims will be achieved by connecting our older persons (and all that support them) to the information, supports, services and goods they need.

Access to trusted and quality information, connections and knowledge relating to their community will enable peace of mind and lead to wellbeing.

Is for all our aged to be valued as much as our young – after all an aged person is just a collage of stories from their younger selves.

Why it takes a Village is Unique

Because it takes a Village is for your – all of you – whether you are 65+, a spouse, family member, carer, or aged specifically health worker – therefore we need your help to build on the information, goods and services you require so we can continue to build ita-V to best help you.

We need our local businesses, services and organisations to connect with us and support, promote and share valuable resources and information. this enables us to connect with you and continue to grow as a community with passion and purpose.

We would love to hear your feedback – Contact Us.

…and finally

it takes a Village does not want to take credit for all the information it provides. It is important to note that much of the information comes from other valuable sources, all of which are referenced.

Our aim is to provide you with a local community based website connecting you with the information you may need (on many topics and issues), enabling you to find what you are looking for as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

ita-V have done our best and truly hope you find the information currently available to you useful.

Over time, and with the help of our community, it takes a Village, (in conjunction with Newcastle’s Charlie’s Gift Charity Fund – supporting our frail aged) will grow and progress into something valuable, sustainable and uniquely ours – something we all can be proud of.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will help you find it.

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