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Why You Should Embrace Assisted Living Equipment and Aids

It is amazing how sometimes something simple can make a big difference to your physical and cognitive function. Often people avoid using equipment or disability aids because they feel they should be ‘doing it on their own’. Many of you will manage perfectly well without purchasing an aid. But! If not used when needed the effort and risk of a serious mishap is just not worth it.

Many good equipment providers will let you trial an aid (unless inappropriate) to ensure you are happy with it prior to purchasing.

We understand that no one wants to make their home look like a hospital. But a few aids to take the effort and pain out of a task can be really beneficial. You also have the option of hiring equipment post surgery or during illness, that way you can return the equipment/aids when you recover.

Ways in which equipment/aids can assist:

  • Mobility
  • Reach
  • Dressing
  • Safe and effortless transfers from sitting to standing
  • Increase independence with showering
  • Decrease hand pain or strength limitations when cooking
  • Help keep track of day/time
  • Provide reminders for medications management
  • Reduce risk of pressure injuries
  • Reduce wrist and hand pain
  • Decrease back pain and poor postural control
  • Assist with vision and hearing
  • Reduce risk of falls
  • Help to carry if balance is compromised
  • Provide a safe way to get up and down stairs (chair lift)
  • Increase ease and safe accessibility at the front/back of your home
  • Enable independent showering

There is literally very few situations where an an aid or piece of equipment hasn’t been invented to help you if needed. The most important benefit of aids and home modifications (when required) is that they prevent serious mishaps and enable you to remain at home independently.

Please don’t suffer unnecessarily if things are getting a little tougher. Speak to an occupational therapist and find out ways in which those difficult tasks may be improved upon.

Curious about what is available? Pop in to one of your Equipment and Disability providers and see what they have to offer within their show room or check out their catalogues on-line. Google can also come in handy – just type in what you need help with and see what equipment pops up. it Takes a Village would strongly suggest you avoid buying anything on-line or anything for someone else unless first tried and tested.

Why you Can Benefit From Occupational Therapy Advice

Many people have been inconvenienced and put at risk of injury or mishap because the equipment/aid did not match up to their particular and individual need. Therefore they have wasted time and money and often lost faith and become reluctant to try anything different.

An occupational therapist has the necessary skills to identify your individual needs and match you with the best equipment/aid to address these needs. An occupational therapist should always work towards your best interest and have no ‘financial gain’ for recommending one aid over another. He/She should also try at all times to source the most suitable and most affordable item possible.

A community based occupational therapist will usually go to your home, source the equipment for you, arrange for a trial, educate you on use and maintenance and then set up the equipment for you; ensuring it is suitable to both you and your home environment.

Another benefit from using an Occupational Therapist when seeking aids and equipment is that he/she can usually arrange for equipment trials on your behalf – drop them off and pick them up if not suitable.

Very often, an occupational therapist may help the problem, or provide you with a new way of doing things so that you don’t need the equipment for very long – if at all.

Occupational Therapists are also excellent at thinking outside the square which means that often they can find something that doesn’t look like ‘hospital equipment’ but can still address your need. If finances are an issue, he/she can help you access government funded equipment through ‘Enable’. Click Here for more information.

If you are unsure if your difficulty can be assisted with equipment or aids, please contact Shelly, our specialist community occupational therapist who will be happy to help you. You can contact her at [email protected].

Depending on what your needs are, we would always recommend a review from an occupational therapist as some equipment needs to be set up and maintained correctly and most equipment needs a little education and training to ensure it is being used to your best advantage.

If in doubt you can always contact Shelly, our Specialist Community Occupational Therapist at [email protected].

How To Find The Equipment Aids You Are Looking For

Please go to “Your Directory“. You will find all the equipment suppliers within Newcastle, as well as providers and organisations for specific disability assistance, within the category equipment and suppliers. You will then be able to search for someone specific to your location or specific to a disability, for example, Vision/Hearing. If you have any difficulties finding what you are looking for please contact [email protected]

Also check out “Shelly’s Tips and Blogs” which provides more in-depth information about particular assistive aids and how they may benefit you. This section will grow over time and be updated Monthly.

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